Travel & Accomodation

Travel & Accomodation

4th International Pristionchus Meeting


Please check if you need a visa to travel to Germany. The exact procedures vary between countries. The relevant information is provided on the web sites of the German embassy in your country. If you need a formal invitation letter and or other assistance with your visa application, please contact the organizers. Please start the visa application process in time, some German embassies are not very fast.


Due to the ongoing construction, currently our guest house is not operational. There are a number of variably priced hotels and hostels in Tübingen. From all of them the meeting venue can be reached with public transportation quite easily.

We negotiated special rates for meeting delegates with Koncept Hotel which is very conveniently located to our campus. To book a room there please follow this link:

You might also want to check some further options nearby the institute:

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