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Algal Development and Evolution


Aga, Remy and Cecile are collecting Algae in Japan together with Masa. [more]
Daniel Liesner and Susana Coelho talk about sexual reproduction, the difficulties of finding a partner in the ocean, and switches of sexual systems. [more]
In June 2022 Susana Coelho and Sebastien Colin gave a workshop on Algae at the International School of Stuttgart. [more]
Josué Barrera Redondo was awarded a Humboldt Research Fellowship for the project “Tracking down the evolution and functional integration of de novo emerged genes in brown algae”, [more]
Masakazu Hoshino from the Group of Susana Coelho was successful in the competition for one of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) overseas Research Fellowships. Masa won the grant for the project Unravelling the genetic basis of the gamete recognition system in brown algae and will provided money for the next 2 years as a stipend. It is the only grant from Japanese government for Japanese post-docs outside Japan. Congratulations to him! [more]

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There is a range of exciting opportunities to perform research in our lab, and we are interested in hearing from undergraduates, PhD students and postdocs who want to be part of our adventure. You can apply for a PhD through the institute’s PhD program but we will also entertain direct applications. We expect you have some lab experience, and that you can provide at least two letters of reference. For postdocs, you should have published (or are close to publishing) at one first-author paper in a major international journal. Please send your CV and a letter that outlines your research interests and why your qualifications make you a good fit for our Department. For those who wish to apply for their own funding to join the group, there are several opportunities (e.g. EMBO, Marie Curie). We are happy to identify potential funding sources, discuss projects, help writing grants and prepare eventual interviews.

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