Selected Publications

Lazzaretti D., Veith K., Kramer K., Basquin C., Urlaub H., Irion U. and Bono F. (2016) The bicoid mRNA localization factor Exuperantia is an RNA-binding pseudonuclease. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 23:705-713.

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 23:705-713.

Lazzaretti D, Veith K, Kramer K, Basquin C, Urlaub H, Irion U, Bono F. (2016) The bicoid localization factor Exuperantia is an RNA-binding pseudo nuclease. Nat Struct Mol Biol (Epub ahead of print) Pubmed

Bono F. (2014) Juggling key players in NMD initiation. Structure 22:1074-75. (Commentary) PubMed

Grünwald M, Lazzaretti D, Bono F. (2013) Structural basis for the nuclear export activity of Importin13. EMBO J32:899-913. Pubmed

Holder T., Basquin C., Ebert J., Randel N., Jollivet D., Conti E., Jékely G., Bono F. (2013) Deep transcriptome-sequencing and proteome analysis of the hydrothermal vent annelid Alvinella pompejana identifies the CvP-bias as a robust measure of eukaryotic thermostability. Biology Direct 8:2. Pubmed

Kinkelin K., Veith K., Grünwald M. and Bono F. (2012) Crystal structure of a minimal eIF4E-Cup complex reveals a general mechanism of eIF4E regulation in translational repression. RNA 18:1624-34. Pubmed

Grünwald M & Bono F. (2011) Structure of Importin13-Ubc9 complex: nuclear import and release of a key regulator of sumoylation. EMBO J. 30:427-38. PubMed

Bono F & Gehring N. (2011) Assembly, disassembly and recycling; the dynamics of exon junction complexes. RNA Biol 8,1-6. PubMed

Buchwald G, Ebert J, Basquin C, Saulière J, Jayachandran U, Bono F, Le Hir H, Conti E. (2010) Insights Into the Recruitment of the NMD Machinery from the Crystal Structure of a Core EJC-Upf3B Complex. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A107, 10050-5. PubMed

Bono F, Cook A, Grünwald M, Ebert J, & Conti E. (2010) Nuclear Import Mechanism of the EJC Component Mago-Y14 Revealed by Structural Studies of Importin 13. Mol Cell. 29, 37(2):211-22. PubMed

Cook A, Bono F, Jinek M & Conti E. (2007) Structural biology of nucleocytoplasmic transport. Annu Rev Biochem 76, 647-71. PubMed

Bono F, Ebert J, Lorentzen E & Conti E. (2006) The crystal structure of the exon junction complex reveals how it maintains a stable grip on mRNA. Cell 126, 713-25. PubMed

Bono F, Ebert J, Unterholzner L, Güttler T, Izaurralde E & Conti E. (2004) Molecular insights into the interaction of PYM with the Mago-Y14 core of the exon junction complex. EMBO Rep 5, 304-10. PubMed

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