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Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Biology Tübingen address the long-standing question of how benign gut microbes evade the immune system. In doing so, they also reshape our understanding of how immune receptors interact with the bacterial ...

Agriculture makes the weed

December 08, 2022

Agriculture is driving rapid evolutionary change, not just on farms, but also in wild species in the surroundings. New research shows how the rise of modern agriculture has turned a North American native plant, common waterhemp, into a problematic ...


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Journal Article
S Ferguson, A Jones, K Murray, B Schwessinger, and JO Borevitz, "Interspecies genome divergence is predominantly due to frequent small scale rearrangements in Eucalyptus," Molecular Ecology 32 (6), 1271-1287 (2023).
Journal Article
B Jaegle, H Pisupati, LM Soto-Jiménez, R Burns, FA Rabanal, and M Nordborg, "Extensive sequence duplication in Arabidopsis revealed by pseudo-heterozygosity," Genome Biology 24 (1), 44 (2023).
Journal Article
M Lenuzzi, H Witte, M Riebesell, C Rödelsperger, RL Hong, and RJ Sommer, "Influence of environmental temperature on mouth-form plasticity in Pristionchus pacificus acts through daf-11-dependent cGMP signaling," Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B-Molecular and Developmental Evolution 340 (2), 214-224 (2023).
Journal Article
X-R Chen, L Poudel, Z Hong, P Johnen, S Katti, A Tripathi, AH Nile, SM Green, D Khan, G Schaaf, F Bono, and VA Bankaitis, "Mechanisms by Which Small Molecules of Diverse Chemotypes Arrest Sec14 Lipid Transfer Activity," The Journal of Biological Chemistry 299 (2), 102861 (2023).
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