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The computational design of new proteins for biomedical or other applications involves long computing times on powerful servers. A joint team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Biology Tübingen and the University Hospital Tübingen has ...

Sara Clasen of the Department of Microbiome Science at the Max Planck Institute Tübingen receives the NOSTER & Science Microbiome Prize for outstanding work on how the innate immune system can differentiate between beneficial and pathogenic gut ...


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Journal Article
AC Silva, M Filipe, K-M Kuerner, H Steinbeisser, and JA Belo, "Endogenous Cerberus activity is required for anterior head specification in Xenopus," Development 130 (20), 4943-4953 (2023).
Journal Article
R Jung, MC Lechler, A Fernandez-Villegas, CW Chung, HC Jones, YH Choi, MA Thompson, C Rödelsperger, W Röseler, GS Kaminski Schierle, D Weigel, and DC David, "A safety mechanism enables tissue-specific resistance to protein aggregation during aging in C. elegans," PLoS Biology 21 (9), e3002284 (2023).
Journal Article
M Sobti, BJ Mead, AG Stewart, C Igreja, and M Christie, "Molecular basis for GIGYF-TNRC6 complex assembly," RNA: A Publication of the RNA Society 29 (6), 724-734 (2023).
Journal Article
J Bazin, E Elvira-Matelot, T Blein, V Jauvion, N Bouteiller, J Cao, MD Crespi, and H Vaucheret, "Synergistic action of the Arabidopsis spliceosome components PRP39a and SmD1b in promoting post-transcriptional transgene silencing," Plant Cell 35 (6), 1917-1935 (2023).
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